Below are a few of our primary areas of service

Personalized Counseling, Managing Tough Changes, Group Therapy, We Are What We Think, Power of Perspective, When the Storm Rages, Work Life Balance, Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing


Personalized Counseling

You are more than just a client coming to our office. You are an individual with a story as important and diverse as anyone else.  You are the expert on your life and I am a guide. Life can go sideways. At times issues arise that can trigger challenges leading to dysfunction, despair, distress even suicidal idealizations.  We might not even know why they are there, but they are and they need to be addressed. In our sessions we will have goals, plans, ideas of what we want to accomplish. Our ultimate goal is to make you more whole. I use no pre-prescribed treatment but an organic approach with you at the lead and me beside you as we take this journey together! Sometimes we can all just use a helping and sincere ear and a different perspective.

We Are What We Think

You woke up and started having thoughts. Maybe they were positive like it will be a great day, looking forward to work. Maybe you woke with thoughts of dread, of how today will be miserable and how others will ruin your day. Such thoughts can dictate how your day begins and evolves. Our thoughts are words and WORDS HAVE POWER. In 3 minutes you can uplift someone and encourage or discourage them. The same is true for ourselves. These automatic thoughts  are learned from our past and reinforced in the present. We will find out what they are, why they exist and how to change them together! This is often a cause of relational/personal stress.

Managing Tough Changes

Changes at times can be simple as moving to being  complicated like divorce or devastating like grief. Such changes are often traumatic. These can cause anxiety, depression and other serious issues. There are many factors that impact how we successfully manage such events. Some are effective where others can make us feel lost or become problematic. These factors may be related and influenced beyond the event itself. These can be related to the past, present and future. We will figure it out and develop a plan to manage such events. It is a journey where you are not alone. We can help you get the support you need. Times like these can help us define who we are and who we want to be.

Power of Perspective

We tend to believe we know who we are. Maybe you do. You are a culmination of life experiences influenced by events and relationships. These interact in ways we may not be aware of. We may also think we know what other think of us. We can probably all think of times we were wrong about that. For your whole life you have been given messages of who you are, what's important and what makes you of value. Have you truly evaluated if these are true? Are there things that cause you distress and not sure why? Maybe you assume everyone loves you or the thought of relationships with others scare you. There is a reason why and it can be overcome.

Group Therapy

Although individual counseling works great, it is not uncommon to experience a feeling of loneliness at times. In our modern society, where technology has replaced face to face interaction and communication, people are often feeling more stressed, anxious, depressed and isolated than ever. However you are not alone. We often find support in each other.  We share in common more than that which differentiates us. This may can give us the strength we need to move forward.  Groups will be specific and open at times. I will be glad to talk to you about these and ease your concerns and answer any questions. Groups usually include 6 to12 people at most.

When The Storm Rages

Storms can rage but usually do pass but can leave a mess. You may be in the midst of one right now. What to do? Which steps should be taken? What plans should be made? What do you do when it is over and you are faced with the aftermath? What if the storm stays, how do we cope? These can definitively be sources of dysfunction, despair and distress. Well we will take this journey with you. We will be a resource and be able to give you a list of resources you can utilize.  The storms will come, they will rage and pass. Our services are here for you to help you as life's storms rage and pass and we develop a plan on what to do after.

Work, Life Balance

As a Human Resources consultant, I have seen people bring work related stress home and vice versa. This can have a devastating effect on families. These are learned behaviors and habits and can be unlearned. Is your work life unbalanced? Does it  cause stress at home or the office? We will discuss why and how it became this way and what can be done. If you work 8+ hours a day and are miserable or stressed you will take that home. Likewise if home life is a source of distress then it will impact your work. This can be worked on and improved it just takes effort and commitment. Life is often a series of habits and work life balance is a habit that may need to be adjusted. This can be difficult so we will begin where you are and take realistic steps.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is a unique form of psychotherapy designed to diminish negative feelings associated with memories of traumatic events. Unlike most forms of talk therapy, EMDR focuses less on the traumatic event itself and more on the disturbing emotions and symptoms that result from the event. Treatment includes a hand motion technique used by the therapist to guide the client’s eye movements from side to side, similar to watching a pendulum swing. Some studies have shown, however, that EMDR is effective for treating certain mental-health conditions from depression to anxiety.  We will educate you on what it is and what to expect.  It can be effective but not always appropriate depending on the condition and person.